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PayPal Donations:

Click on Subscribe to set up a recurring weekly or monthly gift.

Click on Donate to make a one-time or monthly gift of tithes and offerings to Community Church.

(PayPal will keep 2.2% of your donation as a processing fee)

PayPal Recurring Donation

PayPal One-Time Donation

Smart Phone Donation using the Venmo app:


(1) Download the Venmo app to your smart phone from the app store, or go to

(2) Follow the instructions to register as a user on Venmo. This will involve creating a username and password and linking a bank account or debit card from which payments will be made.

(3) Once you are registered and logged in, you will see a "Pay" button and a window in which you will type the name of the person you want to pay. The name for the church is "Community Church Westfield." Note our first name is Community Church and our last name is Westfield.

(4) Enter the amount you want to donate and click "Pay." That's it! 100% of your donation goes to the church, and there is no fee charged to either party. (Venmo will charge you a 3% processing fee if you use a credit card - but no fees if you use your bank account or debit card.)

Your donation will be recorded with your user name for tax purposes by the Treasurer, but please fill out your name and address in the "For" box if (a) you are not a member/regular attender with an address known to us, or (b) if it is your first time using Venmo with us.